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Another successful year!

crosstrainer test wasserkocher test

Thank you, Maritime Browncoats, for another successful year! Two screenings of Dr. Horrible, trivia, costumes, evil laughs, awesome door prizes, and of course Serenity herself made for a great evening. Once again, we had folks show up from as far away as Moncton, New Brunswick to join the fun!

It’s always wonderful to see the variety of costumes, Firefly-themed shirts, and Jayne hats mingling in the theatre. This is the first year the Hands of Blue found us!


They interrogated Inara:


But fortunately Inara, River and the rest of the crew escaped intact at the end of the night.


Attendance was down a little this year, but people seemed to really like the swag we had to offer in the silent auction. We’re still crunching the final numbers and sorting out a few auction items, but it looks like CSTS Halifax 2013 raised just over $1400, meaning $350 for the Avalon Centre and $1050 for Equality Now. THANK YOU!







We couldn’t put on an event like this without our sponsors, both local and global. We particularly want to mention Hal-Con; their generosity means that two lucky CSTS attendees went home with weekend passes to HalCon 2013, at which Jewel Staite (Kaylee) is a special guest! Also, massive thanks are due to Fat Apollo, who ran the Evil Laugh contest and provided the prizes (Fat Apollo bars from Sugah! Halifax – they’re amazing, do try one!), donated a prize pack to the silent auction, and provided an impromptu stand-up comedy monologue to keep the crowd entertained when we had unexpected technical difficulties.








In the end, though, we couldn’t do this without you. Every year, we’re so grateful to the Browncoats who keep supporting this event, showing up, donating, and spreading the word. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and we’re happy to hear any suggestions on how to make it better. We want to offer Maritime Browncoats a fun evening, as well as raise as much as we can for the cause. Contact us any time at cstshalifax @, or find us on Twitter @cstshalifax. We’re always happy to welcome new volunteers to the shindig.




Love’s what keeps her in the air when she ought to fall.


It’s happening, once again! Hats are knitted, auction sheets are ready, problematic food is made… We’re so excited! Can’t wait to see you there.

Advance ticket sales on the website, and at Strange Adventures, continue until noon (or thereabouts). All remaining tickets will be sold at the door.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted, retweeted, invited friends, and helped spread the word, and congratulations to our VIP winners. Looking forward to a great event, and hopefully lots of money raised for Equality Now and the Avalon Centre.

Can’t stop the signal!

Be a VIP!

Help spread the word about CSTS Halifax, and you could win a VIP upgrade! Get a reserved front-row seat, free drink, free snack (we promise they’re not problematic) and a CSTS 2013 patch.

RT our contest tweets for your chance to win. We’ll be drawing a few of these through the week as we count down to CSTS Halifax 2013.

Can’t stop the signal!

All this could be yours…

Here is just a sampling of some of the cool stuff you can bid on or even potentially win! Remember to bring your trivia knowledge, your best evil laugh, and cash for the silent auction!

Only 10 more days…have you got your tickets yet?

Come have a good night with the Knights of Good!

Join us Friday July 26 at 7:30 pm as we watch seasons 1 and 2 of The Guild on the big screen! This comedy web series, created and written by Felicia Day, revolves around the lives of gamers in an online guild named The Knights of Good. Felicia stars as Codex, the guild’s Priestess, whose life is thrown into disarray after one of her guildmates (the Warlock Zaboo) shows up on her doorstep.

If you’re a gamer, a Felicia Day fan, or like to laugh, this evening is for you! Tickets $5 at the door.

Venue: Carbon Arc Cinema, Museum of Natural History auditorium, 1747 Summer Street. Show runs just under 2 hours (includes a brief intermission.) Concessions will be available for purchase – as will tickets for the main event, CSTS on Saturday August 17.

Accept on Facebook – invite your friends!

Back, but not in black

First things first: we’re baaaack! Can’t Stop the Serenity returns to Halifax this summer. We’re consolidating back to a one-night run – save the date, Saturday August 17. As before, there will be two screenings of Serenity that night, with introductory screenings of Dr. Horrible, a silent auction, merchandise sales, costumes, trivia, and more. It’ll be a great time to meet up with fellow Browncoats and show off your Firefly cosplay before HalCon – you do know that JEWEL STAITE is coming this year, right?? Yay Halifax!

Ever wished the CSTS T-shirts came in a colour other than black? This is your lucky year! Shirts featuring the CSTS 2013 logo are available in Sand, Military Green, or Dark Heather for men’s/unisex style, and in Ash Grey or Dark Heather for a women’s (somewhat) fitted style. Sizes are small through 4XL, and cost $20 ($25 for 3XL/4XL). Pull-over hoodies are also available in Sand/Military Green/Dark Heather at $45, and zipper hoodies in Sand only for $50.

Shirts are available for pre-order for a VERY limited window! Sorry, guaranteed pre-orders must be in by THIS FRIDAY at midnight. A few shirts will be available for sale at the event, but if you want a particular size/colour combination (or a hoodie) please order it now. Your current webminion* is having problems with the Merchandise page/PayPal set-up, so shirt requests can be sent DIRECTLY to Specify size and colour – we will confirm receiving your request, and payment can be made via the Donate button.

*it is very clear I am not a webmaster, alas

We are leaves on the wind!

Two nights, four shows, and a lot of T-shirts and Jayne hats later, we’ve wrapped up for another year. We’re still sorting out a few silent auction items, but it looks like CSTS Halifax 2012 raised around $1560, meaning ~$390 for the Avalon Centre, and ~$1170 for Equality Now!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out, particularly Robin who designed our gorgeous poster, Tony who did radio publicity, Kristi our event photographer, Fat Apollo who ran the Evil Laugh contest and donated the prizes, namely his delicious eponymous chocolate bar from Sugah!, and to the Carbon Arc volunteers, particularly Kenny who unflappably solved our tech problems. Also, massive thanks to everyone who supported the event: buying tickets, telling your friends, bidding on stuff, coming in costume…you made CSTS successful, and fun.

Jayne and Mal

We tried a few new things this year, some more successful than others. The Carbon Arc’s new home at the Museum of Natural History offered definite advantages in terms of accessibility, seating, and parking, but resulted in reduced “walk-in” traffic off the street. Last year, we sold out both events and turned people away, and also heard that Saturday night didn’t work for everyone, so we decided to try for two nights this year. However, we ended up with approximately the same number of attendees (~115) spread over the shows. Saturday at 6 pm was our most popular show, by a slim margin, and was definitely the group that did best on the trivia. However, we had some really dedicated Browncoats on Friday night, including one who had driven down from Fredericton, New Brunswick!

The Jayne Hat Brigade

It’s our impression that fans actually avoided the late night Saturday “Special Hell” screening. It was the one with lowest attendance, and pretty much nobody said anything during the movie. It was an experiment, but we probably won’t do it again – although, if you’d really like one, do let us know! We’d love to hear any comments, criticisms, feedback etc. If we’re going to take on this crazy job again, we want to offer Maritime Browncoats the best event we can! Contact us any time at cstshalifax @, or find us on Twitter, with suggestions or to volunteer.

The Evil Laugh contest was a fun addition this year, run by local celebrity Fat Apollo:

Another Evil Laugh 'volunteer' contender

More photos of the event can be found in our Flickr stream. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and thanks again – we’re happy to have met and exceeded last year’s fundraising total!

Can’t stop the signal…

You guys! You rock. Seriously.

If you were at our opening night, you’ll have spotted a record number of Jayne hats, some wonderful and rare themed T-shirts, and fabulous cosplay! We’re looking forward to still more fun tonight: the Captain will be joining us again, and Fat Apollo will be back to run the Evil Laugh contest. (Last night’s winner had come all the way from Fredericton! Now that’s a committed Browncoat!)

Remember, Serenity showings are at 6 and 10 pm, but come early to catch Dr. Horrible at 5 and 9 pm. Also, be sure to browse the silent auction. There are some unique items that are currently great bargains, so give yourself time to check it out! The auction closes at 10:15 pm – any winners present at the end of the last show can pick up their goodies then, otherwise we will call you the following day and make arrangements.

Thanks for a wonderful time last night, Maritime Browncoats – and see you again tonight!

Going, going…

We have some truly special items in this year’s silent auction. Pictures of many of them can be seen here. In addition, we have a huge wall decal of the ship herself from QMx Merchandise, and gorgeous original art donated by Sophie Fong!

To give everyone a chance at these unique and wonderful items, the silent auction will run over both Friday and Saturday nights. It will close at 10:15 pm Saturday, when the final showing of Serenity starts. If you’re present and have cash on hand, you can pick up your item(s) immediately; otherwise, we will contact you the following day and make arrangements for you to get your winnings.

Afraid of being outbid on something you really want? Anyone who holds a ticket to Friday’s event is welcome to come back between shows on Saturday to visit the auction and re-bid. Of course, you can also get a friend to bid on your behalf, or leave a really strong bid on Friday!


Here’s a sneak peek of the great swag we’ve got lined up for the events! Watch for these beauties (and more!) as prizes and auction items, and make sure you bring cash to participate in the silent auction!